When your hobbies feel like chores

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Everyone has experienced burnout. You push yourself to do something over and over again even though you don’t want to do it anymore. The problem then compounds when you continue to force yourself especially when you don’t want to do something. It is common, expected even when you’re talking about work, exercise, dieting, housework, practicing or trying to learn something new. However, it should NOT be happening if you’re doing something you are supposed to be enjoying. Something that you started solely for the purpose of bringing you happiness.

I started by blog because I was excited to write (something…

How to go on vacation without ruining all of your progress

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Vacation should be a time for relaxation. Most people let their guard down, forget all responsibilities, and just take some time time for themselves (something that all of us need). But if you’re like me and have a complicated relationship with diet / exercise, vacationing might actually be a source of stress and anxiety.

  • Will I have time and proper equipment to exercise?
  • How will I be able to keep on track with my nutrition?
  • Can I continue to progress towards my goals even without my regular routine?
  • Will people judge me for wanting to continue healthy habits on vacation?

Diet hacks you (probably) won’t even notice

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight you probably know that the first place to start is by eating less calories. You know, the standard calories in < calories out approach. And while dieting isn’t always as simple as that, it’s a good place to start. But where do you start, and how do you get there without cutting all of your favorite foods out of your diet?

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I’ve talked before about the best ways to add flavor to food without upping the calories too much and in this post I’m going to give you 8 easy swaps that can…

My results following a low carb diet

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I’ve talked so much shit about keto and low carb diets that I wouldn’t even be mad if the National Keto Board banned me from trying these types of diets all together (if that organization even exists). But after hearing so many stories and testimonials (propaganda?) of people who claim that the slimmest they’ve ever felt has been when they were eating little to no carbohydrates, my curiosity got the best of me. I decided for myself that I had to see what all the hype was really about. …

The moment I realized my “stepsession” was negatively impacting my life

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For most of my life I have not been concerned with how many steps I took during a day. I would always aim for 10,000 but never really cared if I fell short a few days out of the week. I use a Garmin watch to track my workouts and the fact that it acted as a pedometer was just an added bonus. At the gym I would often do forms of cardio such as biking or swimming (mostly step free activities) coupled with 30–45 minutes of weight lifting. …

Your “diet” shouldn’t be stopping you from eating flavor filled food

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So you’re making an effort to eat healthier. But it’s diner time and you sit down and look at your nice plate of baked chicken breast, steamed veggies, and brown rice … YUM! These stereotypical “diet” foods that can often be dry and bland when cooked to anything short of perfection. However, you should never be torturing yourself with boring meals. It is so easy to add a lot of flavor with only a little bit of extra effort, giving typically boring diet meals some much needed extra pizazz.

There are many ways to add flavor to any dish. However…

Why you don’t need motivation to reach your goals

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I fucking hate the word motivation. Picture you’re in a relationship with the word motivation, you’d 100% dump them. They’re unreliable, temperamental, and never show up when you need them.

It is so easy to use “not having enough motivation” as an excuse not to do something. It’s something everyone, including myself, does. In truth, anything that you say you’re “not motivated enough to do” doesn’t actually mean that much to you.

To truly find success, it is absolutely imperative that you stay consistent. But how do you do something (or many things) consistently if it’s hard for you to…

Snap out of it, you’ve gained weight

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I have always been pretty active. Growing up, I never gave a shit about what my body looked like. I never compared myself people I saw on Instagram or even my friends. I consider myself extremely lucky that body image wasn’t something that consumed my adolescence.

In high school I played softball, probably one of the only sports where nobody gave a fuck what you looked like as long as you could throw, catch, and hit. Back then, I could (and did) eat whatever I wanted. I barely knew what a calorie was and didn’t ever glance at a nutrition…

Caffeinated and Confused

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